Mindfulness, being in the NOW

Mindfullness AlgarveAccording to Eckhart Tolle, the present moment is the gateway to enlightenment; a higher state of presence where all your worries, fear and emotional pain disappear. In his book ‘The Power of the NOW’ he writes: ‘Realise that the present moment is all you will ever have. Make Now the main focus of your life.’

Like Tolle, I am not in favour of the term ‘mindfulness’, I prefer to call it as Tolle: Being in the NOW, the present moment.

It is really nothing but being mindful or consciously and fully involved. Being in the NOW, doing things in the NOW and seeing things as they are NOW. Not as you think they are, not as you think they will be and not as you think they were. You already read it and you already knew it all plays out in your mind.

I like to teach you to control your thoughts and not to be constantly bothered by thoughts that upset you. Become friends with your mind instead of wanting to run away from it or fear it because it can drive you crazy at times.

We also often live in someone else’s mind … Byron Katie says it clearly in The Work: There are 3 things you should keep well separated”. “We shouldn’t want to get involved with 2 of them.”

  1. Your own business
  2. Someone else’s business
  3. God’s business (or call it the business of the Universe)

How often are you busy with points 2 or 3 in your head?

But training this does not happen overnight. It is pure practice and you can do those exercises when it suits you. The only important thing is that you actually do them. You can make all the changes you want in your life, but it will not be possible without practice.

I sometimes make the comparison with a gym. If you work on your thighs or a six-pack, you do not expect after one big workout in the gym that you already have firmer thighs or a large six-pack. You know it is pure training, you have to do it regularly, do it often and then you will be amazed what you are able to do by yourself.

How you can take responsibility again for your life and  your thoughts and that worrying is a your own choice.


‘You will see that it is áll out there, once you turn within’