Yoga Senior & Golfers


Senior Yoga

As far as I am concerned, yoga is the healthiest way to work on our body, organs and brain, every exercise contributes to a healthy, balanced body. Yoga balances and activates the self-healing power in our body. The yoga postures also activate the muscles that we hardly use in everyday life, stretch the muscles that are under tension every day and massage our organs. We release the energetic blockages by concentrating on the exercises (asana) and by controlling the breathing (pranayama).

According to the more than two thousand years old Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, yoga literally means: Yoga is stopping the changes in the mind. Yoga cannot be separated from proper breathing and any form of meditation.

In 1999 I graduated as an Integral Yoga Teacher and over the years I specialized in Senior Yoga and Yoga for Gofers. I am now a senior lady myself and I have been a professional golf teacher so this is my thing.

Pranayama – Breathing

In my opinion the most important part of yoga. Pranayama- Breathing. The specific breathing techniques of yoga have a direct influence on the nervous system. Pranayama ensures that more oxygen enters the blood and is supplied in the blood and to the brain. The various breathing techniques provide peace and recovery and renewed vitality of the whole system. Pranayama is also an important part of meditation.

The more often the better

The more often and especially the more regularly you practice yoga, the better the results. It’s a bit like going to the gym and not expecting a six-pack right away. If you practice yoga regularly, both the oxygenation of your blood and circulation will improve. It is also an excellent way to help detoxify your body because it stimulates the lymph flow (waste removal system) of the body. Not only does your body detox when you do yoga, you will be able to deal with stres better. Yoga will create harmony in your body, your mind and ultimately in your life. You learn to stop the constant stream of thoughts. You feel fitter and your metabolism will also function

Yoga for Golfers

Today’s professional golfers go to the gym and work on their nutrition, and many meditate and visualise. Also for club golfers it is important to be fit and to avoid injuries during a round of golf. Unfortunately, many people mainly have problems with their back and neck.

As you get older, your swing will feel a bit rustier and if you play golf without proper warming up, the injuries are lurking. When you doe the Yoga for Golfers exercises, you will prevent yourself a lot better against injuries and will feel great all together.

Speciale yoga programs

I have created special yoga programs for seniors and golfers and would like to teach you the most important exercises. It’s not about how beautiful and elegant it looks, it’s about getting as much good out of the exercises as possible within your own boundaries. If you have ailments, we will discuss them first, I will then completely adjust the program to your condition. Of course you can also set


Meditation (spending time in silence with yourself) is the most beautiful way to release the overgrown, sometimes even disappeared path to your true SELF, your Inner Power, your Inner Peace where Love lives. That place in yourself where wisdom, peace and tranquility come together. You, that micro-particle of the Universe, Unconditioned, Unprejudiced, Loving, Helpful, Social and Funny.

Many people are afraid to meditate because they don’t know how. Where to go think about?, What should you focus on?, How can you think of nothing at all?, How can you sit still for a long time without going crazy?

How should I meditate?

When you meditate you make contact with your true SELF, your Inner Power and if you can reach that you can use that power. Meditation breaks a pattern, so if you are stressed and meditate for a few minutes, you will be a completely different person. You break through the pattern for a moment and if you do this regularly you will notice that you can rely more and more on your true SELF. When you meditate, you will hear the voice inside, your intuition, the whispering voice of God it is also beautifully called.

From the meditation teacher Davidji, I learned that you have to keep doing it and one moment you are going to make the connection with your beautiful true SELF that will always was there! Don’t give up and keep spending time with yourself in silence, the moment will always come and when you experience how wonderful it feels, it often becomes addictive and can become an important fellow traveler in your life. Davidji also said jokingly: ‘If you can’t spend 5 minutes with yourself, how can you expect others to spend hours and even days with you? Give it time and a chance, start with a minute of concentration on your breath and you will slowly notice that this very minute will already make a difference.

Being afraid you’re not doing it right

You don’t have to worry about not doing well, there is no wrong meditation and no meditation is the same. The only meditation that is not good is the meditation that you have not done. One time the dog barks, the other time the phone rings or people are dropping by. It doesn’t matter, spend time with yourself, get to know yourself, honour that true SELF! There are different meditation techniques and there is one that suits you, I am happy to help you to find the right way for you.


‘You will see that it is áll out there, once you turn within!’