Mediation and Relationships

Having relationship problems is normal! But fighting for what you have and making sure you’re not done with each other too. Sometimes you need that spark from the outside to ignite that spark in your relationship and there is nothing wrong with that either? That’s fighting for your happiness!

  • Has a lack of attraction slowly crept in on each other?
  • Is life together getting boring?
  • Do you feel like you have ended up in a brother-sister, sister-sister or brother-brother situation?
  • No more sex and intimacy like before?
  • Tired of always coming in second or even third place?
  • Do you have disagreements about dementia or disease of one of the parents or partner?
  • Do you disagree about the education of the animals or children?
  • Tired of your partner’s laxity and laziness?
  • Do you have problems with your partner’s hobby that got out of hand?

Do not wait for years, but take action, because every day that you are unhappy in your relationship is a lost day. Often there is more to save than you think and you will be amazed how you and your partner agree on this. 

During a divorce, emotions often run high and practical and financial mistakes are often made during the settlement. Divorce hurts, sometimes only with one of the two parties involved, even when people agree to split up.

How do you recover?
Have you been abandoned after years of loyal service? After years of caring for your partner, raising children, supporting a career? It is very difficult to make a new start and learn to forgive so that you can get on with your life and be in control from now on.

Divorce fight
Are you making it impossible for each other or are you trying to work it out together? Parents turn into stiff heads fighting their dissatisfaction over each other’s heads and children are increasingly becoming the only victims. ¬†Children can’t decide for themselves, so as divorced parents, do one thing together and keep working on your children’s happiness no matter what!

Single and looking for a partner
If you are tired of being alone, but are unable to find someone, you are very welcome to talk to me about it. We will then investigate together what could be the reason.

  • Do you know yourself well enough?
  • Are you actually sure that the type you are looking for would really suit you?
  • Are you insecure and therefore radiate uncertainty?
  • Are you pessimistic and do you radiate pessimism?
  • Do you find yourself too fat or too thin, or even ugly?

Every partner, old or new wants you as you really are!

I am happy to help you!
You can always call or email if you have any questions or need more information! You can find out more about the rates here.