Talk about death

Talking about death has been taboo for centuries. I think that is a pity because death is an important part of life, just like birth or marriage.

I am talking with you about death, what we can do beforehand and how you would like it to be arranged afterwards. This way both partners know where they stand and what the wishes are. If you do not want to be resuscitated after a brain haemorrhage, heart attack or accident or if you don’t want to be kept alive as a greenhouse plant, you must record this in an advance directive as long as you are still competent. also if you do not want to go through life as paralyzed or handicapped. In a living will you put on paper which medical treatments you want or do not want. You can state in your advance directive that you do not want resuscitation if your heart has stopped and that you want euthanasia in a situation where unbearable suffering is hopeless. It is important that partners know this from each other and that the GP is also aware of this.

Sometimes the partner of the person who dies cannot access the bank accounts, so arrange this in time so that the partner is not left unaware.

I am involved with a service agency in the Algarve that can arrange a funeral or repatriation, have a look at We Take Care – Algarve, we are happy to help you.

Legacy Guidance
After a death, a lot is lost on the next of kin. Initially a lot of grief and loss, but things also need to be settled. Tax and financial matters, but also the possible application for an ANW benefit (General Surviving Dependents Act). Is there a will? Are there assets abroad and in whose name are they? Is someone staying in the house? Can this person continue to live here? These are all questions I can help the next of kin with.

Is there disagreement between the surviving heirs? As a mediator I can guide you all so that it becomes a nice farewell in all areas.

Why? Why was this person taken from me? Why does this have to happen to me? We were going to grow old together! Or you wonder about the death of a child. Why so young? Why? It didn’t even have the chance to be a child!

Losing a loved one evokes so many emotions and often you can only stare in front of you or get very angry. Grief processing brings so many questions and hurts so much.

How do you learn to deal with this loss? How can you sincerely reassure your heart and ever open it up again? How do you deal with practical matters? I would like to help you to bring out the strength that is already in you, you are not alone. Your Inner Force, your true Self will get you back on track and give you the love for yourself and life again.

I am happy to help you!
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