Dementia, CVA and Aphasia

Just keep on living and keep doing things that you enjoy!
When a form of Dementia occurs, one has a stroke or cerebral haemorrhage with as a result Aphasia or another cognitive disorder, people often do not initially know how to deal with it and that makes sense. I like to help the patient and loved ones deal with the radical changes so that everyone can continue to enjoy life in their own way. Just continuing to do the things you enjoy and learning to deal with dementia is the solution for everyone involved.

When you, your loved one, your father or mother are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia as vascular dementia, we often first think about forgetfulness, but just like with a CVA we often undergo a personality change without sometimes knowing it ourselves but when we do know and realise we can’t change it often increases confusion and frustration. The kindest, most patient person can get aggressive and angry. Dementia is often denied by the patient for a long time. Should you agree with everything the patient says or just disagree? Does it make sense to hear everything about the disease as a patient no longer understands what is going on? I am happy to help you!dementia-algarve

CVA (cerebrovascular accident)
Suddenly not being able to do what you took for granted, looking different from how you did before or not being able to see, hear or talk anymore is a tough one. How do you deal with a CVA (an accident in the blood vessels) yourself and how do your loved ones deal with it? Should they mother the patient or let them be as independent as possible? CVA patients have an extra sensor and it seems they are extra sensitive and cautious. I am happy to help you and get the most out of life again.

I have a lot experience with people with dementia and CVA patients of all ages and extensive experience with Aphasia also with people in their early fifty’s and have learned to understand them and communicate. Whether you can no longer get out of your words, cannot talk at all or say things that you do not mean to say, I am happy to help you and your loved ones to deal with the unfortunate changes and find a way to continue to enjoy life.

I am happy to help you!
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